Resume builder

You've got 5-7 seconds to grab their attention with your resume .. or you're done. Relax! With our Resume Builder, it's easy to create a resume that will get you the interviews - fast! Even better, you can clone & tweak that same resume as many times as you like. Next time someone says "Send me your resume," you can say "Absolutely! I'll have that to you in the next 15 minutes." After 18 years of recruiting success, we know what it REALLY takes to get you hired. Let us help you now.

What you'll get:

  • Easy step-by-step online resume builder

  • 24/7 instant access to print and send resumes to whomever you want

  • Unlimited editions of your resume

  • 9 short, high-impact videos on how to make the most of your resume:

    1. What a resume is (and what it’s not)

    2. How to use a resume (when networking & applying for jobs)

    3. The prep: 3 keys to writing a great resume

    4. How to capture what makes you great (what you need to highlight)

    5. Celebrating what makes you great

    6. How to write a great resume (in 3 simple steps)

    7. How to handle references (pssst! They don’t belong on your resume!)

    8. Top 5 resume do’s

    9. Top 5 resume don’ts