Catherine Byers Breet

Chief Stripe Changer | Career Catalyst | Speaker
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Catherine Byers Breet

The nation's #1 Stripe Changer

Chief Stripe Changer | Career Catalyst | Speaker

Catherine cut her teeth as a high-tech recruiter, and has been closing the gap between top talent & top employers since 1997. She launched ARBEZ to reinvent the way companies, candidates and employees work together. Since then, she has created new models for career management, job search, recruitment and retention. They’re working: ARBEZ programs have slashed months off the average job search, increased one candidate pipeline by 43% and reduced turnover for one firm by 56%.

She once got caught hiding from an executive VP … and lived to tell about it. 18 years later, Catherine is a highly-sought global speaker with loads of proven success in recruiting, sales, leadership and business growth. From a global high-tech firms in South Africa to soldiers in Kuwait and a packed auditorium in Minneapolis, her message is the same: You CAN love what you do for a living … but it won’t just land in your lap. No matter what the topic, you can count on her to deliver the good, the bad and the “Are you kiddin’ me?!” with shocking honesty … and a healthy dose of fun.

When she’s not out helping people chase their dreams, she’s chasing fun with her husband and two young superheroes (boys) in the Twin Cities (Minnesota). She's a voracious reader, globetrotter and fair-weather SCUBA diver. Oh, and by the way … she owns a zebra. His name is Joe.

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Large (1000+) or small, Catherine loves motivating diverse audiences. From senior executives to at-risk youth, the feedback is the same: “Wow! That was fun! And I learned so much.” No matter what the topic, she delivers easy, actionable steps and a healthy dose of “Yes, you CAN.”

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“Watch out! She’ll make you pee your pants at the same time she’s showing you easy, proven tips & tricks for getting everything you want in your career. You’ll walk away ready to shoot for the moon.” – Jennifer F.