We can never replace the power of 1:1 coaching, but we can extend your reach with the Career Counselor Toolkit. Since 2006, we’ve been giving career coaches the tools, tips and tricks they need to keep their job seekers motivated and productive … from A to Z. We’d love to help you do the same.

Serve more people for less $$$$

Increase key outcomes | Do more coaching and less hand-holding

The Career counselor toolkit

We'll help you get them hired faster easier. The career counselor toolkit includesonline videos, weekly webinars, & easy online exercises to complement your coaching program.

Together, we can slash months off the average job search. Online education + coaching works!

  • Bob got a job in just 6 weeks.

  • Gina did it in 15 days.

  • Jennifer did it in 2!

The secret? Daily inspiration, tips tricks to support your 1:1 coaching programs.

How we do it:

We pack the power of 18+ years of high-volume recruiting expertise, cutting-edge technology and a healthy dose of “Yes, you can!” into:

  • 24/7 On-demand videos deliver inspiration & education

  • Our online resume builder creates resumes that really work

  • Weekly webinars engage, inspire and educate. "they're fun!"

  • Weekly newsletters give them tips & tricks to keep them moving.

  • Software training, tools, samples & templates

  • An online community keeps them connected & inspired

  • Online coaching programs go where the needs & challenges are greatest