Higher Education

We just helped one school increase its program placement rates by 31%. Let us help you do the same! While we can’t replace the power of 1:1 coaching with you, we CAN extend your reach … and help you bring all the secrets from the hiring side of the desk to life in easy, inspiring online tools and live webinars.

Our high-tech, high-touch blended learning model will give your students the best of live instruction (via webinar), self-directed online learning (24/7 videos and exercises … “coach in a bottle”) ... and a healthy dose of “Yes, you can!” … from A to Z.

What makes us different:

  • Over 18 years of recruiting, hiring & leadership expertise

  • Insider secrets that employers can’t (or won’t) admit

  • Proven strategies for success (we know what works - and what doesn't)

  • Not just WHAT to do; we also show them HOW to do it!

  • Easy exercises, templates & examples 

  • Short, bite-sized (2-3 minute) videos 

  • A to Z: We cover it all ... so you don't have to.

  • Broad employer perspective: from start-ups to huge global companies (and everything in between)

  • Broad industry perspective: agency, agriculture, airline, defense, financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, non-profit, retail, travel + more!

  • Full-time, temp-to-perm & consulting expertise: we've hired in all these models - from the inside + through consulting firms

  • Staffing, executive search & corporate hiring expertise

You & your students deserve to know the truth about who gets hired and promoted … and why. Let us help you equip your students with the tools and inspiration they need to make their career dreams a reality … today, tomorrow and for the rest of their working careers.

Alumni career services

Be the lifelong career partner they want you to be! With our online program, it’s easy. Branded for your school, we’ll help you deliver career insights, inspiration and community to your students for the rest of their lives … at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Live events, webinars and our full suite of online tools.

  • Webinars + special events

  • Online video library

  • Online career manager (from their first job to their last job ... everything they need).

Student Career Services

  • The Career Counselor TOOLKIT
     24/7 student dashboard, videos, templates, exercises, samples … at your fingertips.

  • The Online Job Hunt VIDEO LIBRARY 
    24/7 access to over 50 short videos, 30 exercises, checklists, samples & scripts … via iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, Mac & PC)

  • Weekly WEBINARS unlimited seats
    So many things to teach … and so little time! We’ll help you reach more students - faster. Over 50 titles on every aspect of career & job search.

  • Weekly Mondayy Motivator” newsletters
    Weekly inspiration and honest, high-impact answers to your students burning questions. Industry experts tackle everything from how to start to what to wear, what to say, how to find the jobs, networking, interviewing & money to how to pick the job that’s right for them.

  • Live events & workshops
    We love coming on campus for special events and workshops. Tell us what you’re dreaming about, and we’ll make it happen.

  • Counselor education
    Insider secrets, new world of work, negotiation, LinkedIn, 7 deadly since of interviewing … and so much more!

  • Faculty education
    Getting faculty to engage in and promote career development conversations is tough! We can help. Sometimes, hearing it from the hiring side of the desk can make all the difference. Let us help you get them not just engaged, but excited about the impact they can help you make.

  • Community education
    Prospective students, parents & community partners will flock to hear our fun, high-impact topics on all things career. Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish, and we’ll help you make it happen – via live events or webinars.