We've all been there: cold sweat, red face and trouble breathing. It's a very good sign you just embarrassed yourself at a networking event. Sheesh! Why is meeting people so scary and hard sometimes? I know why: nobody teaches you how to talk to strangers in school! Well, they should. They really, really should. I'm here today to teach you what I have learned from all my networking mistakes, research and networking tests over the years (yes, I test things myself a LOT before I teach them). Lorraine inspired this video by asking me "What can I do to stop freaking out when I go to networking events?" Thanks for asking, Lorraine. Here's your answer: My TOP 3 TRICKS for overcoming networking anxiety and fears ... and making real connections at networking events. I live by these 3 mantras every single day as a professional networker. They really changed the game for me, and they will for you, too.
Catherine Byers Breet
Thu, 09/19/2019 - 07:00