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Real people. Real results.

Fact: Looking for a job is hard work. On those really hard days, when you’re tempted to give up, you need to know that the steps you’re taking are the right ones … and that they are going to bring you that job you need and want.

Real success stories … from real people … are MUCH more motivating than me running beside you saying “You can do this!”

Here are a few for you:

“My first job search took me 6 months. My next job search took me 7 months. ​ My last job search took me just 3.5 weeks. The only difference? ​ I used Catherine’s approach.” – Faith Howard-Mooney

“I did it! I asked for $16,000 more, and 1 extra week vacation  … and I got it! I am still in shock. Thank you SO MUCH! Your approach really works!”  – Mary L. 

“Wow. Your program really works! I got 12 interviews + 2 job offers  in just 2.5 weeks!” – Paul P.                                                                    

“I went on 29 interviews and didn’t get ONE SINGLE JOB OFFER. Catherine’s program changed everything. 5 weeks later, I had 2 offers … doing work I love!” – Vinai S.

2 weeks. 6 interviews. 3 job offers. I cannot believe how easy this was! Plus, I’m making more money than I ever have AND I’m not on call anymore.” – Mollie K.

“I was terrified of networking, then you showed me how to take the scary out of it. got a job just 5 days later! I am so excited about my new role. Thank you.” – Karen R.

“This is a must for any job seeker.  I had many assumptions that were dead wrong about looking for a job.  This is the most comprehensive anyone has ever been … “ –- Ken M.

“As a Naval Officer of over 28 years (16 years reserve), I have had the experience of transitioning in and out of jobs a lot. Catherine’s program is outstanding.  ARBEZ helps former military find a career, not just a job!  – Paul Bill, Commander, US Navy