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So, you need a new job. Is that it? Is that all you want ... just a job? Or, do you want to love what you do for a living? Well, guess what: you can have both ... and we will show you how. Follow our approach, and you will ...

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Set the stage for success

Avoid the biggest job seeker mistakes.

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  • The Job Hunt Checklist
  • Top 10 confessions from the hiring side of the desk (video - 25:20 minutes)
  • Set your stage for success (video - 02:31 minutes)
  • Find a champion (video - 02:54 minutes)
  • Get a brag book

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Resume & Cover letters, Money, Networking, LinkedIn, Consulting, Online applications, Recruiters, Interviewing, Negotiating, How to launch for success (the first 90 days) and so much more. 


Hit these goals & slash months off your search!

I need a job now! Just let me start. Jump in and get it done. Fast! Now!

  • Goal One: Explore & Plan
  • Goal Two: Tell your best story
  • Goal Three: Go get it!

Know what you want

Dream job: possible! Isolate your target.

Explore & Plan

  • “Help! I don’t know what I want!”
  • Self-discovery: How to find out what you want (video)
  • Your work history (video)
  • Name your fears (worry and concern) (video)
    • Consulting and the new world of work
    • Want to start your own business?

    Know how to get it

    Work smart (not hard) & stand out from the herd.

    Go get it!

    • Get a game plan, get a job!
    • Personal branding
    • Target marketing plan (video)
    • Resumes & cover letters
    • Strategy: Make a plan (action planning)
    • Track your activity (daily hash sheet) (worksheet)

    Keep it!

    Hooray! You got the job! 

    Do you know how to keep it? 

    • Step 4 - Keep it! (video)
    • Launch for success: The first 90 days (video)
    • Pay it forward: help other people (video)
    • How to keep accelerating your career

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