Catherine Byers Breet

The nation's #1 Stripe Changer

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Igniting audiences around the world SINCE 2008

She once got caught hiding from an Executive VP … and lived to tell about it. 20 years later, Catherine Byers Breet is a highly-sought global speaker who has consistently delivered a 545% profit for her clients, ten years in a row. She teaches people how to accelerate their careers through honest, hard-hitting insights & proven strategies for success.

Where it all began …

“My boss sat me down and said ‘We are not the Red Cross; you can’t help everyone. So, stop trying … or you will never succeed as a recruiter.’ That was my first lesson in recruiting at a global consulting firm. It was also the defining moment in my career … and I came back fighting. As I stared back at my manager that day and said “Okay,” I shouted at him on the inside: “Watch me. I WILL find a way to do both.” 9 years later, I launched ARBEZ and did exactly that: I found a way to help everyone. I’m so glad you’re here, because I can’t wait to help YOU make your career dreams your reality.” – Catherine Byers Breet

Catherine has been hiring, launching and managing top-rated pros since 1997. She has worked in recruiting, sales and leadership positions for global and national firms – driving millions in sales and maximizing profits.

She has worked with executives in the advertising, agriculture, CPG, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, marketing, medical device, retail and technology industries.

From global high-tech firms in South Africa, to a groups of project managers in China, to an auditorium in Dallas, Texas  Catherine's message resonates just as well: You CAN love what you do for a living … but it won’t just land in your lap.

No matter what the topic is, you can count on Catherine to deliver the good, the bad and the “Are you kiddin’ me?!” with shocking honesty … and a healthy dose of fun.

When she’s not out helping people chase their dreams, she’s chasing fun with her husband and two young superheroes (boys) in the Twin Cities (Minnesota). She's a voracious reader, globetrotter and fair-weather SCUBA diver. Oh, and by the way … she owns a zebra. His name is Joe.

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"Honest, hard-hitting. Fun!" Over 50,000 attendees from South Africa to Minneapolis agree: you can count on Catherine to deliver a high-impact, high-energy and fun experience. Whether your group is a large conference with 1,000+ people or a more intimate gathering of 20-50, you can count on her to tailor her talk to meet your needs. Bring her in to deliver a talk they'll be talking about for years to come.  

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Large (1000+) or small, Catherine loves motivating diverse audiences. From senior executives to at-risk youth, the feedback is the same: “Wow! That was fun! And I learned so much.” No matter what the topic, she delivers easy, actionable steps and a healthy dose of “Yes, you CAN.”

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    • Job Hunt | Job Search
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    • College career services | What really works
    • Diversity hiring & retention | Break through the translation barriers
    • Networking | LinkedIn, live networking events & everything in between
    • Negotiation | Get what you want (without tearing out your hair)
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