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LinkedIn Lucky: 

The Job Seeker Edition

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Are you getting interviews through LinkedIn? If not, then something is wrong! Let us show you how to fix it. If you’re still reading this, then you already know: just being on LinkedIn won’t bring you the job you want any more than buying the best set of golf clubs will get you a hole in one. You need to learn how to play the LinkedIn game! Join us for a fresh & honest look at how to go from being ignored to being chased.

You will learn:

  • 2 biggest LinkedIn mistakes
  • How to create a winning profile
  • How recruiters search for you
  • 5 things employers want to see
  • How to send effective messages
  • Daily 8 LinkedIn action planner

You will get:

  • The LinkedIn Checklist
  • Networking scripts for LinkedIn
  • Daily 8 LinkedIn Action Planner

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