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Bye-bye burnout and bad bosses! Do you remember what it feels like to jump out of bed on a Monday morning, excited about the work day ahead? Are you ready to feel that way again? Then you’ve come to the right place! Your life and your health depend on it: when you’re happy at work, global studies have shown that you will be TWICE as happy at home … and have 41% lower healthcare costs (Gallup). Finding the work that’s right for you is worth the ride! Cat Breet will show you how … step by step. Since 1997, she has helped over 223,000 people around the world how to get MORE FREEDOM, MONEY & FUN out of work. Let her help you do the same!

Consulting Courses

How to become a highly-paid consultant

How to become a highly-paid consultant

6 Simple steps … from A to Z.After 23 years of launching + leading consultants, I’ve almost seen it all. I’ll show you how to avoid the biggest mistakes, find the best projects + get TOP DOLLAR for your skills and experience. Step by step, you’ll learn how to hit the streets with confidence and be the one companies are fighting over.
The Sales & Negotiation Kit for Consultants

Sales & Negotiation Kit

Insider secrets. Scripts. Proven strategies. Success stories.The #1 reason consultants fail and run back to full-time work (ugh) is that they don’t know how to sell themselves. Let’s eliminate that problem right now! We get it; selling yourself can be downright scary. It doesn’t have to be! Learn how to walk into every conversation w/ the tools & confidence to ask for top dollar (without freaking out).
The Networking Edge Kit for Consultants

Networking Edge Kit

Game plan. Insider secrets. Scripts + The LinkedIn Lucky Kit.Being good at what you do is important. Being KNOWN for that is priceless. Referrals are the very best (and cheapest) way to get new clients … but they won’t just land in your lap. Skip the biggest mistakes and learn how to get them at “Hello” … and turn handshakes into lifelong clients & friends.
The Interview to Win Guide for Consultants

Interview to Win Guide

Be the one that gets the gig!Yup! Even consultants have to interview for their next “gig.” The best person for the job (best skills + experience) is rarely the one who gets the job. Nope! It’s the one who is the best-prepared for the interview. We pack over 20 years of experience getting people hired into an easy, step-by-step guide. We cover everything from how to prep to how to show up to how to follow up.

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A Better Life Begins with a Better Career.

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Monthly Group Coaching

Time & distance are no longer barriers to high-octane, interactive learning and fun. Every month, Cat will be there – in person! – to help you and other high achievers around the world break through the barriers. She opens every session with a brief lesson, then live Q&A. You’ll get expert advice + a bucketful of inspiration. Since 2008, Cat’s been using the power of community to help people dream bigger & achieve more in their careers and their lives. You are NOT alone! Join the herd now, and let the fun begin.

Job Search Courses


Get Hired Faster & Easier

The average job search takes 21.6 weeks, 280 ONLINE APPLICATIONS & 14 INTERVIEWS. UGH! There IS A BETTER WAY! Cat Breet is going to teach it to you. She’ll teach you how to get hired 55% faster* and avoid the biggest potholes along the way.
Laid off. Now what?

Laid off. Now what?

Getting laid off is shocking … even if you see it coming. The good news is, there are tons of great resources out there for you. There are also people like me who can help you avoid the biggest mistakes and slash months of frustration out of your job search.

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Community: Connect, Learn & Grow

Now, more than ever, we need the support of others in our life. This is the place to get it. The help you need is just one conversation away. Seriously. Don’t wait for the next live session with Cat! Post a question in our COMMUNITY CHAT, then watch the power, insight & inspiration explode before your eyes. Our community is a safe place to connect, learn and grow with others who share your dreams of getting more FREEDOM, MONEY & FUN out of work.

A Better Life Begins With A Better Career. Get yours now!